Accelerate productivity with our AI-driven workspace.

  • AI-Enhancement

    An AI agent is always at your service, ready to send emails, provide translations for effortless multilingual communication, and possess the ability to summarize and analyze conversations.

  • AI Self Learning

    Eliminate the need for continuous manual data input to train and enhance your AI. Our system features an auto-listen functionality where the AI monitors all incoming and outgoing emails, autonomously generating Q&A sets over time.

  • Dispute Management

    E-commerce enterprises can suffer significant losses without effective dispute management. Our integration with Klarna, through both Klarna Merchant and Shopify Payments, offers a streamlined interface for managing disputes efficiently.

  • Email Templates

    For cases escalated to human intervention, we provide customizable email templates with personalization options to streamline the manual response process.

  • Ticket Overview

    Experience the advantages of a comprehensive ticket overview system that transcends the limitations of conventional email solutions, enhancing efficiency and visibility.

  • Omni-Communication

    Our platform unifies communication across all channels, including every social media platform, email, and even support for WhatsApp and SMS, all manageable through a single interface for unparalleled convenience.